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A Message from Dad (from the Beyond)

I'm so glad my life was a "failure"
- At least in a worldly way -
I'm so happy I travelled the creative path
Which kept my mind at play!

I'm grateful for the love and adventure,
For the sorrow, the grieving and pain.
I'm pleased that things didn't work out -
For I get to learn over again!

There's so much to learn from our tears,
To go beyond pride and desire,
beyond hatred, anger and fears
Between birth and the cremation pyre!

I'm so glad of this time for reflection -
I'm happy just to be at peace,
Alongside the grand magnificence
Of the sky, the earth, the trees!

Please be happy for all that life brings,
In the moment, the here and the now.
And face life fairly and squarely -
So in the end you can take a bow!


© Sophie Brown 13th September 2014

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