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Playing by the sea, Ireland


A childhood spent in beautiful and accessible countryside in south west Cork, Ireland has been an enduring and positive influence, which allowed regular contact with nature and natural processes at a time when modern conveniences did not exist. Rivers, waterfalls, fields, wildlife, clean sandy beaches, fuchsia hedges, farmsteads, ducklings, gathering hay, rolling hills, turnips, rugged moorland and gypsy caravans filled our imaginations.

From left: Sisters playing by the sea in Schull, West Cork, c.1966



One source of inspiration is visualisation and meditation practice. Awareness, clarity of mind, honest expression, energy and warmth of heart: these are qualities which I seek to bring into being in myself and in artwork.

Chenrezig: A buddhist meditational deity symbolising compassion

The blessing of Chenrezig (tibetan) or Avalokitesvara (Sanskrit) is invoked through reciting the mantra OM MANI PADME HUNG, meaning "the Jewel in the heart of the lotus" is said to have the power to liberate all beings from the 6 realms of existence. The vibrations from the syllable OM remove pride (God Realm); MA, jealousy (Demi-God realm); NI, egotistical desire (human realm); PE, ignorance (animal realm); ME, greed and avarice (hungry ghost realm); and HUNG, hate and anger of ourselves and all beings (hell realm). By reciting this mantra and visualising sending out light and love to all, it is said that we and all beings receive limitless benefit.



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