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2011 to date
Associate, developing Company of Mind, including graphics to communicate ideas, delivery of workshops and facilitations for business, academia and other organisations across all spectrums. Working predominantly in graphic design devising materials for creativity, fresh thinking and innovation.

Curating the artwork of my late father Graham Kingsley Brown

2009 - 11
Web design - Tragen Design, Buckingham Jones Stress Management, Julie Allen Painter and Printmaker, Biscuit-PR, PDP Planning and re-implementation and site development and maintenance for The Edward de Bono Foundation UK with whom I worked as Creative Director between 2008-10.

2007 - 9
Website design and implementation for Investigating Atheism (University of Cambridge)
Logo designs for PD Planning Consultants Ltd; website design in progress for Penny Vine. Poster designs and updates to Funky-Fitness website. Graphic Design work for Edward de Bono Foundation UK. Poster and new webpage at With Poise, Alexander Technique.

Website design and implementation for David Tragen.
Ongoing Website maintenance for various sites

Website design and implementation for Fokkina McDonnell, Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist.

Poster design for Liverpool University Graduate School. Three new websites in progress to be completed late 2007/early 2008.

Website design, including Logo completed for Funky-Fitness. Poster design variations for Lucy Ascham  and poster for Funky Fitness. Other websites in card design in progress.

Website design completed for Realign Physio. Poster design for Lucy Ascham.  Website page for With Poise completed, Business Card design and production.

Website designs for Longden Gallery,  Herunic Communications and continuing development of Realign Physio website. Training for, and Certificate in Advanced Dreamweaver including Flash. Photography donated for environmental interpretation panel for Windgather Rocks in Macclesfield.

2005 - 7
Template redesigns for Skeptical Investigations website (original site link given), Development of temporary website for Realign Physio. Quotation for school mural paintings, Development phase of a project to develop a showcase website entitled "Investigating Atheism".

Launch of website for Rupert Sheldrake, Biologist - design by Gold Leaf Designs, implementation by Pioneer Sites.
Poster Design for the University of Liverpool for Prize Essay

Graphic Design: Leaflets and business card for private clients, website design for Connect with Compassion.
Design phases started for
websites for 2 private clients. Assistance to private client for visual design for A5 full colour leaflet, design of book cover for course manual.

Developments for Speak Freely website, including wikipedia and discussion forum pages.
Website authoring and development work with a team for the UK community affiliated to the Center for Nonviolent Communication: site due online in 2007.

Graphic designs for 2 private clients for promotional leaflets in gallery
Compassionate communication in Manchester website
Design guidance for Rupert Sheldrake website - new site due online in Autumn 2006

2003 - 5
Website design visuals for the Biologist and Author Rupert Sheldrake in progress.
For design visual for revised interim home page see here.
Private portrait commission
Private website commission

Article in Cheshire Life Magazine
Graphic Design Gallery constructed
Website for NVC practice group

Private painting commission
Web site bids

"Maccelsfield Cultural Exhibition: Imagination Showcase"
Preparation of images for Cheshire Life Magazine - article due in September 2005

"An Eye for Colour" Exhibition of paintings for sale at Knutsford Civic Centre, Knutsford.

Website development, design and implementation for Shared Space.

Administrative work and record keeping, preparation and negotiation of copyright agreement.

2001 - 3
Exhibiting in the Imagination Group's Artspace at Macclesfield Hospital, Macclesfield.
Working on private painting commission

Administrative work

Exhibiting in Sally Brown Gallery 16th Winter Exhibition

Private painting commission

Exhibiting in "The Uncorrupted Eye" exhibition at the Oyster Gallery with 3 other artists, July 10th - August 11th 2004
Exhibiting in Imagination Showcase Cultural Festival in Macclesfield Town Hall, Cheshire: July 6th - 17th 2004

Exhibiting in Sally Brown Gallery 16th Summer Exhibition

Paintings and framing in progress in preparation for Summer exhibitions.

Completion of 2 private commissions for personalised cards. Framing facilities completed to provide framing for Gold Leaf Designs and private commissions.

2 paintings on view and for sale in Sally Brown Gallery

Work for Macclesfield Borough Council for a set of 5 paintings for the cover of their new Local Plan

Private portrait commission

Work for Solo exhibition "A Brush with Life" at Oyster Gallery

© Sophie J. Brown 2001 onwards

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