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Making Connections

Growing by the Sea Follow me up to Babbacombe Painting the town magenta


Saying it with Petunias Sunflower

Reflections at the Marina

Thatcher Rock, Torquay


The Red Cliffs of Oddicombe

Pine-fringed coast, Torquay

Torquay Seashore with Thatcher Rock The Artists' Representative


Seagull Foot Jacuzzi Woodland Walk
Inner wealth and warmth The Gardener meets the Book lover at Magnolia stellata time


Lilac Bush, Lilac Shed Swim with me in the briny sea After the chaos, the second wave approaches Out of the Blue


Evergreen Garden shows its true colours in Spring When dark clouds come, lets follow the sun When dark clouds come, lets keep following the sun When dark clouds come, lets become like the sun
The English Riviera

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