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Bespoke design for a wide range of smaller scale, quality products including: Presentations, CV's, logos, personalised cards, maps, diagrams, invitations, location plans, leaflets, graphics for web, digital photography, photo editing, posters. Please get in touch for a quotation, and for more information.

Poster for Photographic exhibition
Poster Design

Flyer Design

Poster: The meaning of conversion in Buddhism
Poster Design

Advert Design


The Colours of Nature Poster
Poster Design

The Colours of Nature (1)
Exhibition Poster Design

Principles of Natural Energy
Exhibition Poster Design

Exhibition Poster Design

Aikido poster

Art of Communication poster

Example of photoediting
Digital Photo retouching

Paintings Poems and Woodcarvings
Exhibition Poster and invitation
Poster Design: Moving with ease and poise
Poster Designs

Poster Design
Logo Designs
Logo Design
Leaflet Design
Promotional double sided leaflet
Prize Essay poster
Poster Design

Business Card
Book cover
Book cover design
Leaflet design inside
Promotional double sided leaflet

Prize Essay Poster 2007
Poster Design

Newsletter Design
Newsletter Page 1

Newsletter Design
Newsletter Page 2

promotional leaflet
Promotional double sided leaflet
promotional leaflet inside
Promotional leaflet

Herunic Communications cardBusiness Card

Exhibition Poster and stationary


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